This is a wiki of interesting bits and pieces. Interesting, that is to say, to its founder. It has bits and pieces on mathematics and languages, and will probably include some stuff on music as well. I may start there with notes on the 12-note octave and a proposal for a 53-note one. There are also some pieces of creative writing.

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Welcome to the Marking Time Wiki

This wiki is intended to replace my old website. I don't know whether I can do everything here I could there, but I'm hoping the wiki format will give me a flexibility in these things I didn't previously have.

I'm not sure about having it open to other people's use, although talk pages (assuming they appear here) would be a definite plus. Looks like it's just comment.


Anything and everything that occurs to me to put in here. Stuff too long to go into Facebook. Or not. I'll probably link here from time to time from Facebook.


Wiki procedures

Teething troubles

The Eighth Wise Woman

Fibonacci series

I am hoping to include some Mōriori language material here which might perhaps be ground-breaking.

Also ideas on planet-building.

Latest activity

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